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Karen Altomare's 2005 Cruiser


Who we are!

FCPTC was started in 2000 as a community minded family of PT Cruiser enthusiasts. We enjoy getting together at car shows and cruise-ins, but we do a lot more. Our goal is to spread our enjoyment of PT cruisers and the cruiser community to all who join us. We raise money for local and national charities and support our community.


Our enthusiasm drives us to share our favored hobby with other PT Cruiser owners, with a hope that they may choose to join us. We have found that we have the most fun when we are in the presence of others who enjoy the same things we enjoy.

We participate in activities like Cruise-ins, where many of us will cruise to a location where other makes and models are meeting (open to all vehicles) and park together so everyone can get a look at truly unique vehicles.  Many of our members also enter local and regional car shows with the included intention to give spectators a chance to appreciate the PT Cruiser.

Several times a year a few of our members will get together with members of other Florida clubs to take a road trip. These are great opportunities to represent our Florida clubs at National PT Cruiser Events in other states. It is also kinda cool to see what others are doing to their PT Cruisers.

Another of the reasons our members attend car shows is to fulfill one of the pinnacles of our purpose for joining together. To assist our communities, local and national. Most car shows are created to raise money and awareness for community needs. Our particular focuses are children's needs but we will help any organization that can benefit by our participation.

So as you can see, we exist as a club to provide an opportunity to create friendships and help our communities. It makes no difference if you are just looking for a chance to meet folks with similar interests or if you are a serious Car Shower. The First Coast PT Cruisers club is the place for you.

Come help us continue to grow and support our community. Hang out just one time and you will be hooked!


Cruisers At The Landing 2013

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